Take a step towards cleaner seas, comply with ease, using our Electronic Oil record Book Approved by Flag States and Class

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What is

Electronic Oil record Book

eZ-orb is a digitized form of the conventional oil record book used on ships. It enables ship’s crew to make accurate and mistake free entries in Oil record book part I part II. eZ-orb can raise your compliance standards to environmental norms, whilst saving time and effort.

The eZ-orb is fully compliant with the IMO Guidelines for Electronic Record books under MARPOL and enables companies to reduce the burden of paperwork, whilst ensuring that they can save costs through reduced requirements for training, auditing and monitoring.

Key Benefits

Easy and intuitive to use and requires minimum training
Enables error free oil record book entries
Intelligent inbuilt validation to aid users
Realtime view in the office
Saves Time and effort of ship's crew
Stored and signed digitally
Secure and tamper proof
Customisable to company requirements