Track you companies environmental foot print in a holistic manner and set your goals towards reductions in carbon emissions. Take a pro-active approach towards environmental compliance and regulations.

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About green log?

About Green Logs

Integrates all MARPOL record keeping under one application. Built on similar lines as eZ-orb this product enables you to complete all compliance reporting through an intuitive and comprehensive system.

Covers the following MARPOL Logs:

ORB Part I and Part II
Cargo Record Book
Garbage Record Book
Ballast Water Record Book
Annex VI log

Key Benefits

Reduce the burden of record keeping on board
Avoid costly fines and errors
Adopt a proactive approach towards the environment
Save costs, for monitoring, training and auditing
Have one source of information and avoid duplication

The Green Logs platform is scalable and can be readily used to create other reporting logs, and can adapt to changes in regulations seamlessly.
The product can be integrated with:

Biometric Signature verification using a Topaz e-Signature Pen

GPS Devices for location based Enviro Zone alerts and prompts

Biometric Finger Print Scanning and recognition of users registered in the system

Integration with level sensors for automatic validations if data APIs are provided